how to live a good life. Must read once, way to be happy


way to be happy


The secret of all the happiness of life is hidden in 5 questions, read its answer and live a good life.

1.Question:- Who is the richest man in the world?

Answer:- If seen in today’s era, the one who has the most money is considered the richest person in the world.. But this concept is completely wrong. The truth is that the richest man in the world is the one who is alive on this earth for the longest time.

Because there is life, there is a world, if you have a lot of money and a man who has no money. But the one who does not have money is alive on this earth more days than you, so you tell again who became rich.Because if there is life, there is a world.

In today’s era, to earn money, a person does not pay attention to his body. Due to which his death happens prematurely. In today’s era if you have money or not it doesn’t matter if you live 100 years then you are rich man. Life is not found again, so everyone should try to stay alive with family on this earth for as many days as possible. For this, the importance of your body should be given more than money.

2.Questions:- Who is the poorest man in the world?

Answer:- The poorest man in the world is the one who dies prematurely. Because there is life then there is a world. If you are alive then it is a whole day for you. If you die prematurely, then this world is nothing to you. Life is precious. It should not be valued with money.

3.Questions:- Who is the happiest man?

Answer:- The luckiest man in the world is the one who spends his whole life with his family. Ask those who stay away from their family like parents, siblings, children. He is never that happy. As much as a person is living with his family. Even if he is not living in poverty. Because the love of parents, siblings and their children cannot be bought with money.

In today’s era, people leave their families and live in the country and abroad for years to earn money. It is necessary to earn money for material comforts, but it is more important than that to live life with your family, in reality this is life. Everyone has to die, no matter how much money he earns. Then why nowadays people give more importance to money than life and happiness, this thing is not understood.

Happiness cannot be compared with money. So if you want to be happy then even if you earn less money but definitely spend life with your family. There is nothing in the world greater than the love of loved ones.

4. Question:- When do we feel real happiness?

Answer:- If you guys also want to experience real happiness then try helping a helpless, helpless person. Try this and then you will realize. If you make a crying person laugh, then at that time you will feel a strange feeling from inside. I can’t even tell how the feeling will be, try this you will realize.

Try feeding a hungry person food. Try feeding a thirsty person water. Help a destitute. God swear, you will be satisfied with the feeling you will get at this time. Because there is nothing in the world more than charity.

5.Question:-What is the biggest sin in the world?

Answer:- “To hurt anyone’s heart” whether they are your parents, siblings, or family member or anyone else, if we hurt someone for our selfishness or hurt his heart then this is the most It is a great sin.

That is why no one should be hurt. One should not do bad to anyone. Everyone should help as far as possible. One should laugh while crying. The hungry should be fed. Try doing all this, you will feel a relaxed inside and will be completely satisfied with your life.

Must read once, way to be happy



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